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Resolutions for the New Year from The Frog Family

by FrogBlog on December 28, 2010 · 1 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

Frog FamilyLeap
1. Take the family to Orlando more often to practice my planning and time-saving skills.
2. Do all the chores on my “froggie-do” list…and do them with a smile!
3. Hop at least 2 miles a day so my wife stops teasing me about my skinny frog legs.

Mommy Frog
1. Tighten the Frog Family budget and find even more ways to save money while we’re on vacation.
2. Limit my French fly treats to once a week.
3. Stop teasing my husband, Leap, about his skinny frog legs.

1. Video all the FASTPASS attractions for our Youtube channel.
2. Stop tripping Lily when she’s playing hopscotch.
3. Design games & activities to play while I’m waiting for my next trip to the theme parks.

1. Review at least two restaurants in each theme park. (Oh, like that’ll be hard…you know me, I love to eat!)
2. Research more ways to help my fellow tadpoles and their parents with Orlando vacation planning.
3. Stop interrupting my brother Tad when he’s going on and on about his great videos.

Stay tuned for how well we all do sticking to our New Year’s Resolutions!
Happy New Year from the entire Frog Family…Leap, Mommy Frog, Tad and Lily

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