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Broken Sunglasses, Times Guides, and 8 Other Items Commonly Found at The Bottom of A Theme Park Backpack

by Leap on October 17, 2011 · 0 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

The Frog Family was getting ready for our fall trips to Disney so I thought I better get out my trusty theme park backpack. It’s a good backpack; kind of like an old friend. (The darn thing’s been to Disney more times than my kids!) So it shames me to say that I never cleaned it out after our last trip to the parks.

Well, what I thought would be a boring chore became a trip down memory lane and a funny reflection on how the same things always end up at the bottom of my backpack. I reached out to our friends on Facebook to see if I was alone is this inadvertent collection of “stuff.” Nope, it looks like there are other Times Guide hoarders out there, too.Disney World Times Guides

Anyway, here’s what I found…sound familiar?

1. Times Guides
There are usually about five Times Guides from each park at the bottom of my bag. Since these were the most common items found when I conducted my “research” on Facebook, I suggest we all start a new trend by re-wallpapering our guest bathrooms with them.

2. Unused FASTPASSes
I feel a little better now that I know I’m not the only one who can’t throw these away. Tad’s new prank is to confuse the ushers at the movie theater with them…not funny!

3. Receipts
While most of them end up in my pockets, I still find a few receipts for things like diet Coke for Mommy Frog and diet Coke for Mommy Frog.

4. Mickey Mouse Stickers
At this point, they’re not even good enough for Lily’s sticker album since they’re half-way peeled off and what’s left of the sticky side is covered in backpack lint.

5. Disney’s PhotoPass Cards
Yes, I know I should use the same PhotoPass card for the whole trip, but sometimes I can’t get to it in time for the photographer to take our picture, so I end up with a few that have one or two photos on them. (Lily doesn’t mind…she uses them as “credit cards” when she plays “grocery store.”)

6. Mickey Mouse Ice Cream & Taffy Wrappers
The stickiness-factor of a leftover ice cream or taffy wrapper after a month at the bottom of my backpack is strong enough for my next home improvement project. Move over Gorilla Glue!

7. Napkins
The Frog Family tries not to be wasteful, but I can’t resist grabbing a handful of “just in case” napkins every time we get something to eat. Surprisingly, we end up using most of them!

8. Glow Stick Necklace
These things are great for keeping an eye on Tad and Lily when it’s nighttime in the parks, but after the glow is gone, into my backpack they go.

9. Ziploc Bags
Oh my lovely wife. She’s anything but ill-prepared, but TEN Ziploc bags? Really?

10. A Broken Pair of the Kids’ Sunglasses
When am I going to learn once and for all that kids and sunglasses don’t have a lasting relationship?

Have you found any of these things at the bottom of your theme park backpack? Or maybe you’ve found even stranger things…please do tell!


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