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Spotlight on Traffic Light System in Undercover Tourist App

by Leap on October 7, 2011 · 4 Comments · in News & Refurbishments

Undercover Tourist AppWondering what those colored dots mean next to each park on Undercover Tourist’s apps?

Here’s a quick guide to the ‘Traffic Light System’…a system designed to help you save lots of time on your next theme park vacation.

  • The colors (red, yellow, green) indicate whether it is a good day to visit a particular park or not. Red being more crowded and green being less crowded.
  • Here’s an example of how to use the ‘Traffic Light System’: If Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park is showing ‘green’ on Monday and Tuesday, then those would be good days to visit Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park.
  • Extra Tip: If a park has an evening ‘Extra Magic Hour’ (EMH) then it will be busy. This is because anyone staying at a Disney resort can stay in the park an extra 3 hours after the park officially closes.


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4 Responses to “Spotlight on Traffic Light System in Undercover Tourist App”

  1. [...] much prettier, but the most exciting thing about them is the information they provide. Using the ‘Traffic Light’ System that we developed for our apps, you’ll find out which parks are expected to be busiest (red dot) [...]

  2. [...] Crowd Calendar gives you anticipated crowd levels and recommended parks for each day using our “Traffic Light System.” (You’ll also find each park’s opening hours.) Check it out as you plan your upcoming [...]

  3. godiva says:

    I’ve dowloaded the app and have been monitoring wait times for a whole month just to get an overall feel of how the parks move on differnt crowd levels.

    I typically compare your calendar to the app for crowd levels, but today I noticed that MK is yellow, but on the calendar it’s green, same with HS. Why the change?

    I have been using your calendar to plan my trip for february, but have also found different information from other sites. How firm is the calendar on it’s predictions given the slight change?

    I was hoping to visit MK on 2/10 which you have as neutral, but others have it red. Considering you had MK yellow, should I expect that to easily turn to the RED other people suggest?

    I still love the app…love checking in throughout the day and envisioning my self there!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Erica,

      On the crowd calendar, there can be slight tweaks as we get closer to an actual date, sometimes when Disney adjusts park hours or a special event is added. At this point, we don’t anticipate changing individual park recommendations, and the overall crowd level for all of the parks is neutral, so it should not be too busy.

      Thanks for the catch on the app and calendar!

      – Leap

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