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Spotlight On… ‘Find a Friend’ Feature on Undercover Tourist’s iPhone App

by FrogBlog on December 27, 2011 · 0 Comments · in News & Refurbishments

'Find a Friend' FeatureThis little-known feature on Undercover Tourist’s iPhone app comes in very handy during a Walt Disney World vacation, especially during busy times like now. The ‘Find a Friend’ tool helps you locate other people in your group among the huge crowds right from the app.

How to use ‘Find a Friend’:

  1. Have everyone in the group download Undercover Tourist’s iPhone app. (Remember, there is a FREE version.)
  2. Access the ‘Find a Friend’ feature by tapping the ‘Location’ icon at the bottom left of the home screen, then the ‘Friend Finder’ from the ‘Location’ screen.One person in the group (we’ll call them the Group Leader) creates a group.
  3. To do this the Group Leader taps ‘Create a Group’ from the ‘Find a Friend’ screen then enters the appropriate information like name and phone number (optional).
  4. Now that a Group has been created, the Group Leader will receive a Pin # that the other Group Members will use to join the group. (There’s an option to email the Pin # to other Group Members, but if everyone is together, the Group Leader can just verbally share the Pin #.)
  5. To join the group, the Group Members tap the ‘Join the Group’ option from the ‘Find a Friend’ page then enter the Group’s Pin #, his/her name and phone number.
  6. TA DA! Each Group Member is assigned a different color pin that will show up on the park map. (There’s a handy legend at the bottom of the screen so you know who belongs to what color pin.)

Download Undercover Tourist’s apps for iPhone, Android and Blackberry here.
*’Find a Friend’ is currently available on the iPhone version of our app.

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