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Rent or Ride? Car Rental Considerations for Your Orlando Vacation

by Leap on January 29, 2012 · 5 Comments · in Car Rental & Transportation

On an Orlando theme park vacation, you certainly won’t be left without a way to get around. The only question is, which way do you want to get around? Here are some useful considerations if you are deciding whether or not to rent a car. Not to toot our own horn, but if you decide to rent a car, Undercover Tourist offers car rentals out of Orlando International Airport in partnership with Alamo, for a savings up to 50% on car rental plus tickets!

Complimentary Resort Transportation

  • Guests at Walt Disney World Resort hotels have access to complimentary resort transportation. Complimentary Transportation at Walt Disney WorldThis includes transportation between your hotel and the Walt Disney World theme parks as well as transportation to and from the Orlando International Airport and your hotel via Disney’s Magical Express® Transportation.
  • Guests at Universal Orlando Resort hotels have access to complimentary transportation (water taxis and shuttle buses) to Universal CityWalk, Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure.

You Will Need a Rental Car If…

  • You are not staying on-site and will not be able to use complimentary resort transportation.
  • You ARE staying on-site, but want more flexibility than what the complimentary transportation offers.
  • It is a busy time at the theme parks and complimentary transportation is likely to take too much time out of your schedule. (Check out Leap’s Crowd Calendar to see expected crowd levels.)
  • You are planning to visit other attractions during your vacation.
  • You feel more comfortable loading your stroller or wheelchair into your own car as opposed to the buses.

You Might Not Need a Rental Car If…

  • You are staying on-site and will be able to use complimentary transportation. (From the airport to the hotel using Disney’s Magical Express® Transportation AND complimentary theme park transportation.)Parking at Universal Orlando Resort
  • It is your first time to Disney World and you feel more comfortable leaving the driving to someone else.
  • It is off-season at the theme parks; there may be fewer buses running but they won’t be as crowded. (Check out Leap’s Crowd Calendar.)
  • The cost of renting a car and paying for parking outweighs the convenience of having your own car.
  • You have a flexible schedule. If the buses are running late, you won’t be missing any Advanced Dining Reservations. (You’ll just watch ride videos while you wait.)

Do you want to SEE what “Parking” looks like at the theme parks?
Check out these helpful photo guides:
Magic Kingdom® Park
Disney’s Hollywood Studios®
Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Theme Park
Universal Orlando Resort

We put this question to our Facebook friends: Do you rent a car, use complimentary theme park transportation or both when you fly to Orlando?
Click here to see what everyone had to say.

If you decide to rent, let Undercover Tourist save you time and money by booking your car rental and tickets together - for a savings up to 50%.

For benefits of staying at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel, click here.
For benefits of staying at a Universal Orlando Resort hotel, click here.

Happy Traveling!

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5 Responses to “Rent or Ride? Car Rental Considerations for Your Orlando Vacation”

  1. Joanne Hurado says:

    We won’t have a rental car but would like to visit Univeral Orlando one day. How do we get from our Disney Resort to Universal? Taxi, bus?

  2. Samantha says:

    Do you have rules/regs for people under 25 renting a car? Do you know Florida’s charges for people under 25? Thanks!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi there,

      Renters and additional authorized drivers must be 25 years of age or older. Full FAQs about car rentals are available here.

      – Mommy Frog

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