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Planning Your 1st (or 40th) Trip to Disney World

Are you unable to have a conversation without using a Disney acronym like EMH or ADR?

Do you have soreness on the tips of your fingers from hours of surfing vacation-planning sites?

Are you considering wearing a sign that says “Help! I don’t know what I’m doing!” on your vacation?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, you may be suffering from “Planning a Disney Trip Syndrome.” Good news!
There is a cure available from UndercoverTourist.com. Read on…  Magic Kingdom's 40th Anniversary Celebration

STEP 1: Decide When to Visit
When you visit will affect all other aspects of your planning, so naturally it’s the first step. Which ticket you choose, what to pack, how far in advance you’ll need to make dining reservations, etc. all depend on what time of year you decide to come.
• You’ll find everything you need to know in order to complete this first step on a page called ‘When to Visit.’ Note: Leap’s Crowd Calendar will come in very handy during this stage.

STEP 2: Choose the Best Ticket
OK. You have the dates and they Typhoon Lagoonare marked on your calendar. Why not go ahead and take care of one of the easiest parts of planning a Disney vacation? Purchasing the tickets! Once you know when you’re coming, you’ll have a better idea of how many days you’re going to need on your ticket, whether or not you will be visiting a water park and if you will be park hopping or sticking to one park.
• The ‘Which Ticket’ page has all kinds of information to help you choose the best ticket for your family.

STEP 3: Decide Where to Stay
Disney's Wilderness LodgeNow that you know when you are coming and you have “purchase tickets” crossed off your list, it’s time to decide where to stay. On-site or off-site? Value or Moderate? Well, it all depends. (You knew I was going to say that, didn’t you?) Since it’s your first trip, I would suggest staying on Disney property. If you want several dining and recreation options without the Deluxe level price tag, then maybe a Moderate Resort would work best.
• Find the benefits of staying on-site, considerations to make if you’re staying off-site, resort level breakdowns and much more on the ‘Where to Stay’ page.

STEP 4: Plan How To Get Here
When to visit? Check. Tickets? Check. Hotel reservations? Check. How to get here?Driving to Magic Kingdom Let’s take care of that right now…If you are flying, you’ll need to make your flight reservations then arrange for transportation when you get here. If you are driving to Orlando, you’re probably looking for ways to make the road trip a fun one.
• Get answers to your transportation-related questions on the ‘How to Get Here’ page.

STEP 5: Pick Where and What to Eat
Liberty Tree Tavern You’re probably thinking “Mommy Frog, my vacation is 5 months away and you’re telling me that I need to be thinking about what I’m going to eat?” Yes, and here are a few reasons why. Making dining decisions beforehand will help you budget for your vacation. Knowing what’s on the menus will save you time in line if you have a picky eater in your family like I do. And finally, Advanced Dining Reservations can be made up to 180 days in advance and it’s a good idea to make them as soon as you can.
• Where can you find all this information? The ‘What to Eat’ page, that’s where.

STEP 6: Decide What to Do On Vacation
Is there a suggested order to experience the rides? Celebrate a Dream Come True ParadeWhat is a FASTPASS? How long will the lines be? Where do I watch the parades? Which rides might scare my kids? Where can I meet Mickey? How do I rent a stroller? If these are the types of questions swirling about in your head, congratulations! It means you have successfully completed steps 1-5 and are ready to use the tools and tips on the following pages:
‘On Vacation’ – Frog TOURS, traveling with kids, photo guides, FASTPASS, etc.
‘What to Do’ – Wait times apps, parade guides, Character greetings, height requirements, etc.

STEP 7: Prepare for PDD (Post Disney Depression).
MeekoPost-vacation blues are not to be taken lightly, so I consider finding ways to prevent them an important step in the planning process.
• Bookmark the ‘After Your Trip’ page so it’s easy to find when you get home.

We asked our friends on Facebook “What’s a piece of advice you would give someone headed to Walt Disney World for the very FIRST time?” Click here to see what they said.

Good Luck & Happy Planning!
Mommy Frog

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One Response to “Planning Your 1st (or 40th) Trip to Disney World”

  1. Taylor says:

    My fiancé and I (recently engaged) were wanting to go on our honeymoon to WDW. We’ve been thinking about late October and early November as times (2014). Are these dates any good? We also thought it would be neat to check out the Halloween party, but were not sure how to get tickets. We will be on around a 5k (maybe 6k) dollar budget but wanted to stay a week and visit all the parks as well as both at universal studios. With lodging, some nice romantic things, decent food (we like the idea of the wine festival at Epcot), tickets and not having to stress over things too much we would like to know if this is feasible or not on our budget? Also, is there any advice as to where we could stay or dining plans we should consider? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated

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