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Disney Craft: Make Your Own Pixie Dust Ornament

by Crafting in the Rain on November 27, 2012 · 6 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

Today, we’re introducing a new series of posts devoted to Disney crafts. We hope a DIY craft will get you inspired for your upcoming Disney trip, help you remember your last visit to the parks or just add a little magic to your day. Share your experience making the pixie dust ornament, including photos, with us in comments below. If you have a simple Disney project you would like to share, check out our guest blog submission guidelines

Since the first year we got married we have picked out one new ornament for our tree.  This year we wanted to get an ornament celebrating our first family trip to Disneyland. Rather than buying one, I decided to make one.

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own pixie dust ornament:

  • Clear glass bulb
  • Glitter (color of your choice)
  • Letter stickers, permanent marker or vinyl letters cut with a vinyl machine
  • Funnel
  • Ribbon

Label your ornament with your stickers or marker.

Make a Disney ornament

 Use a funnel to pour some glitter down into the ornament.  Secure the top metal piece back on with some hot glue so it doesn’t accidentally pop off, spilling glitter everywhere.  Tie a ribbon loop and hang it on the tree.

Pixie Dust Ornament

I did notice that the glitter has some static in it, so it may eventually travel up the sides of the bulb, but it will still look good!  What color would your pixie dust be?




Stephanie Paxman is the author of the blog Crafting in the Rain where she writes about original craft projects, decorating ideas and kid-friendly activities that help to keep herself and her family sane during the rainy months in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. You can find more on PinterestInstagram and Twitter.


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6 Responses to “Disney Craft: Make Your Own Pixie Dust Ornament”

  1. Nat & Holly says:

    This is SUCH a great idea! What a fun Disney keepsake and much cheaper than buying at the parks. Love it!

  2. Dory says:

    This is so awesome! My Girl Scout Troop was looking for a fun little Disney Christmas craft. Looks like we found it :)

  3. jonesmustang says:

    The very best Pin I’ve ever seen! This is great for ALL ages! Pure genious!

  4. Janine says:

    can I please use the picture as a profile picture on facebook?

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hey Janine,

      Thanks for asking! I checked with Steph, and she is fine with you using the image as long as you leave her watermark.

      Glad you liked it.
      – Mommy Frog

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