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Update on Disney MyMagic+ Announcement

The Frog Family at Undercover TouristDisney today unveiled MyMagic+, a massive ongoing project aimed at enhancing the guest experience — starting at the trip planning stage and carrying through to inside the parks. Tied to MyMagic+ are a series of new initiatives that will roll out in the coming months, including FASTPASS+. This new system would allow guests to book guaranteed times for certain shows and key attractions before they leave home, and make changes on the go through the use of a new Disney website and mobile app called “My Disney Experience.”

Understandably, if you have recently purchased tickets or you are planning to purchase tickets through Undercover Tourist, you might be concerned that you will be “missing out” on this new technology. Rest assured, you will still have access to the same opportunities offered through MyMagic+. In addition, just as you can have your tickets purchased from Undercover Tourist added to your Keys to the World card, you will be able to enjoy new functionality in the future.

Disney provides more detailed information about MyMagic+, the RFID technology and FASTPASS+ in its Disney Parks Experience terms and conditions. Here is the specific language regarding converting to paperless tickets:

  • Once available, you may convert certain paper tickets or passes to a paperless ticket or pass in the Site/App. Once converted, your ticket or pass park admission entitlements are stored in your account and fulfilled by an RF Device. The paper ticket or pass becomes void and is no longer valid for admission. However, you may want to keep your paper ticket or pass in the event you do not receive your RF Device before your visit or if you are a passholder you should keep your paper pass for validation of other passholder benefits.
  • You are required to convert paper tickets and passes in order to make and use FastPass+ selections. Once you convert a ticket or pass you will no longer be able to participate in the standard FASTPASS service upon arrival at the parks.
  • You may convert up to five valid unexpired paper tickets or passes for yourself and for your Friends.
  • Partially used tickets or passes must be matched to the same person who originally used the ticket or pass. Tickets and passes are non-transferrable and must be used by the same person on all days.

Read more details about MyMagic+ and FASTPASS+ and how they will work here.

– Leap

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6 Responses to “Update on Disney MyMagic+ Announcement”

  1. Heather says:

    I was wondering….I have a trip coming up in August for WDW. If I purchase tickets through you, will I receive bands or paper tickets? I want the least hassle, of course. I do not plan on taking time to go to the ticket and transportaion to area to change them out.
    Can you tell me what my best option would be and if you will be sending out bands or paper tickets?
    Thank you.

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi there Heather,

      You will receive RFID-enabled tickets from us that will carry the same functionality as the Magic Bands, including touch-to-enter access at the turnstiles. Only guests staying on site, annual passholders or guests who purchase a photo package will receive the Magic Bands free.

      Mommy Frog

  2. Emily says:

    Hi, I understand that we will receive RFID card tickets, but if I am going to be staying at a Disney resort and am therefore already eligible for a wristband, will there be a Disney code or ticket number with which I can ADD to ticket to my wristband online? Just want to know if it’s better to purchase through you or Disney directly!


    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Emily,

      Regarding wristbands, there is no difference if you purchase through us or go to Disney directly. You will receive a MagicBand if you are staying at a Disney resort. You will then have the option to link your tickets to that band.


  3. Jennifer says:

    Hi, we are getting ready to purchase tickets from Undercover Tourist later this week but will be staying off property at Bonnet Creek. I keep reading/hearing that guest who purchase photo packages are eligible for a Magicband, but I can’t find any information about photo packages.
    Please help. What do you suggest for ticket simplicity for off-property guests?
    Thanks much,
    Jennifer :-)

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      To my knowledge, MagicBands have not yet been made available to people who purchase photo packages.

      As far as tickets go, all of our tickets are FastPass+ eligible, and they are all suitable for off-property guests.


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