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Price Rise Announced — Buy Tickets Now!

by Mommy Frog on February 4, 2013 · 35 Comments · in News & Refurbishments

The Frog Family at Undercover Tourist

Updated June 3, 2013:

Disney World announced its price increase this weekend! Our current pricing remains in effect, while stock lasts, making this a most excellent time to purchase your tickets.

Understandably, there have been questions this year concerning Disney World tickets because of the coming MyMagic+ and FASTPASS+.

  • Currently, no one is shipping RFID tickets. As soon as they are made available to us, we will begin shipping them. They will work with FASTPASS+ and continue to offer the same benefits as if buying from the Disney Gate.
  • For customers who have existing paper tickets or make purchases before FASTPASS+ is launched:  Once available, there will be a process to convert paper to the RFID tickets.

The bottom line is your tickets will still be good, you can purchase them now at our already discounted prices and have the benefit of knowing you saved even more dollars by buying before the price increase occurred. How smart is that!

For those of you making plans for summer, it is best to order now as our shipping time will fluctuate beyond the standard 10 days, and shipping is currently taking 15 business days.

Need help deciding which ticket? Start here. Or go straight to our tickets page.

Enjoy the savings!

– Mommy Frog


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35 Responses to “Price Rise Announced — Buy Tickets Now!”

  1. Alexandra Keene says:

    You mentioned that tickets purchased through UT will likely have to be transfered onto wristbands or RF-enabled tickets. Do you have any insight into this process? Do you expect UT to be selling MyMagic+ wristbands in the future?

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Alex,

      These are great questions. While we don’t have all of the answers yet, here is Disney’s specific language about converting tickets listed in its terms of service:

      “Once available, you may convert certain paper tickets or passes to a paperless ticket or pass in the Site/App. Once converted, your ticket or pass park admission entitlements are stored in your account and fulfilled by an RF Device. The paper ticket or pass becomes void and is no longer valid for admission. However, you may want to keep your paper ticket or pass in the event you do not receive your RF Device before your visit or if you are a passholder you should keep your paper pass for validation of other passholder benefits.”

      We will share more specifics as they become available.

      – Mommy Frog

  2. rita says:

    If I purchase a nonexpiration ticket & it is rolled over to current method will I still be able to use remaining days not used on another trip.

  3. Melissa says:

    Will the DL tickets and Annual passes be going up too?

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Melissa,

      The price of annual passes tend to go up at the same time as tickets. Disneyland is normally independent of Disney World.

      – Leap

  4. Car54 says:

    Do you sell annual passes?

  5. Cathy says:

    Hello Leap/Mommy Frog.

    Are the prices going up now? or June? I was going to buy them in March for our Nov trip. but if the prices are going up now I will but them now. Also do you know when the No expiration date will be done? I can not find anything on this but someone told me that DW was getting rid of it.

    Thank you

  6. FrogBlog says:

    Hi Cathy,

    Last year our price increase occurred in June. While we don’t yet know when our price rise will occur this year, it makes sense to buy tickets as soon as you can.

    As far as the no-expiration tickets, there has been no official announcement that these are going away, and we do still offer them.

    – Leap


  8. Lisa says:

    Is there any blackout dates on the 4day get 5th day free park hopper, some of disneys have blackout dates which unfortunately. We can’t use. Good thing i didn’t buy from disney. If i buy now will they be good in aug.

  9. Bravin says:

    Any news of details regarding exchanging paper tickets for RFID bracelets yet? We are coming down for 12 days in mid May.

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Bravin,

      We don’t have any new information about the launch of MagicBands. We will post details as soon as we do!

      – Leap

  10. Bravin says:

    With the limited information you have, would you say there is any risk/reward in ordering our park-hopper passes now vs waiting till the beginning of May? I realize the tickets would be valid if ordered now but is there a financial risk? Any thoughts on a considerable up-charge for the upgrade to RFID bracelets? We will be buying 10 day park-hopper + water park passes so I hope there will not be a $5 or $10 up-charge per day for the bracelets. I hope you can understand my concern. Thanks in advance.

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi again,

      What was reported initially is that guests staying at Walt Disney World Resort hotels, annual passholders and those who purchase a photo package would receive the MagicBands for free. Other guests would have to purchase a MagicBand if they wanted them. So I think the answer about a charge for bracelets depends on whether you plan to stay on resort or purchase the photo package. That said, the timetable for MagicBand roll out has not been announced.

      Given how close your trip is, I would suggest you buy tickets sooner than later, because our shipping times may extend past the standard 10 days the closer orders are to the price increase.

      – Leap

  11. Bravin says:

    Well I guess I will aggravate you one more time LOL.
    We are staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort so if we buy tickets here and have them mailed to our home, will we get that free upgrade to RFID bracelets? Is that your understanding? I do realize you have limited information so I am simply looking for an informed opinion. (more informed than mine for sure).
    Thanks again for all your help…

  12. Doreen says:

    If I bought my tickets now will I be able to use them in 2014? I am planning a trip in May 2014.

  13. FrogBlog says:

    Hi Doreen,

    Yes, tickets to Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando do not expire.

    – Leap

  14. Ed says:

    Hi , couple of things, if I buy a 3 park Unlimited (Universal), and a Sea World & Busch Gdns Combo now, will they still be valid for April 2014 ? They also seem cheaper than the one Flexticket + ? Lastly, can I upgrade to an Express pass ticket when I visit Universaql ? we plan on going to Universal more than once and would only need it for perhaps one visit . Thanks !!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Ed,

      The 3-Park Unlimited ticket will still be valid. The SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Combo ticket will also be valid, but early admission is for June 10-Sept. 2, 2013 only.

      If you find you need it, you can upgrade to the Express Pass when you are at the park.

      Mommy Frog

  15. Jenni says:

    Hi! I’ve purchased 3 sets of tickets through UT. My family used the first set from May 3rd – May 11th of this year. :) The two additional sets we were saving to use in 2014 and 2015. I know the park tickets don’t expire but when Disney rolls out the new RFID system, should we send these paper tickets back in exchange for the new way of doing things? My concern is that since I purchased my tickets so far in advance, it will become a hassle to exchange them once the new process is in place. Thank you!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hey Jenni,

      Disney World tickets do not expire. As such, there will be a process in place to convert the tickets if it is necessary when you decide to use them!

      – Mommy Frog

  16. Marisa says:

    I purchased my Disney tickets a few days ago (so recently that they’re still in the mail). I assume they will be the paper tickets, so I have a few questions.

    Will we be notified once we are able to upgrade the tickets to RFIDs?

    Will will be able to replace our tickets with the MagicBands and will there be an extra cost associated with it?

    Since the new FastPass+ system requires that you book your reservation times in advance through My Disney Experience, if we purchased our tickets from UT and not Disney, how can we get our RFIDs associated with our My Disney Account to begin reserving FastPass+ times?

    Sorry I have so many questions!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Marisa,

      These are good questions! To start with, FASTPASS+ still have not been launched. While the process for converting tickets and upgrading to MagicBand has not yet been announced, there will be a way to do so. MagicBands will be free to guests staying at the resort, annual pass holders and guests who purchase a photo package.

      Mommy Frog

  17. Phyllis says:

    Will non-expiring options still be available after the price increase? There was a rumor circulating in March that they would no longer be sold…

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Phyllis,

      While we cannot guarantee the future availability of any specific ticket type, we do have these tickets now and available to us.

      Mommy Frog

  18. Cristina says:

    Im going to be purchasing the MYW 3 day tickets from you guys. I noticed it said nothing about blackout dates. I am going to disney for 3 days this year from Dec. 29th through Jan 1st.
    My question is, Will there be any blackout dates for the tickets I purchase through UT? Meaning, will my dates be good to go with the tickets I purchase?

    Thank you so much!!!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi there Cristina!

      Yes, those tickets will be good to go anytime you want.

      – Mommy Frog

  19. Elizabeth says:

    Hi there! This is my first time visiting this site, so I’m still a little confused about a few things.

    Are the tickets purchased through this site the same as if I were to walk in to the Disney store and buy them? The mention of blackout dates confused me. I’ve been going to Disney World all my life and have never bought tickets from anywhere else.

    At the end of October, my fiancé and I are going to Disney for our honeymoon (we got engaged in front of Cinderella’s Castle this past December). With wedding planning, money is tight – but the ideal would be to get 2 6-day park hopper tickets. By the sound of the comments, with the expected price increase, it would be best to buy them sooner rather than wait, correct?

    One more question – about the new wristbands, if we buy tickets now, and they convert to wristbands before October, could we still choose to use the tickets instead? I’d be worried about losing the wristband.

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Yes, these are the same tickets, there are no blackout dates, and Disney tickets do not expire. The price increase has already occurred, but you can still purchase our tickets for significant savings. The ticket you are looking at, for example, is $14 off of the gate price.

      Should you have more specific ticket questions, feel free to call our customer service line at 1-800-846-1302.

      As far as Magic Bands and RFID ticketing, there will be a process for converting tickets once they launch — they still have not — but it has not yet been announced.

      A honeymoon in October sounds absolutely lovely!

      – Mommy Frog

  20. Bill says:

    Any updates on converting paper tickets to the RFID for Disney Magic Bands and Fast Pass Plus?

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Bill,

      Currently, FastPass+ is in limited testing and only available to a portion of guests staying at select Disney resorts. Disney has directly advised us that they have a target date of 4th quarter 2013 to have all FP+ enhancements in place and working.

      All Undercover Tourist tickets will offer the same functionality as a ticket purchased directly from Disney. Once it is fully launched, you will be able to make advance FastPass+ reservations for different attractions and experiences in the park, regardless of ticket type (paper/Tyvek or RFID), although you would need to exchange you paper tickets at the gate for RFID in order to use FP+.

      – Leap

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