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Highlights from Disney World’s Monstrous Summer ‘All-Nighter’ at Magic Kingdom

We had a ton of fun last week during our visit to Orlando, which included a visit to Magic Kingdom for Disney World’s “All-Nighter.” Indeed, the park was open from 6 a.m. May 24 to 6 a.m. May 25. Here are our highlights!

We made sure to get up early enough for the opening ceremony at 5:50 a.m.


And we were glad we did, because Mike and Sully were there to greet the crowd — this was the kickoff to Disney’s Monstrous Summer after all!


Park-goers were definitely showing their Monsters spirit. I was quite taken with the Mike and Sully nail art I spotted on one lovely gal heading into the park.


Here are some other Monster fans getting into the fun on Main Street USA.


Dawn’s light behind Cinderella’s Castle.


First stop, Tomorrowland!


And Space Mountain.


We headed for Mad Tea Party and then to Storybook Circus for Dumbo and The Barnstormer.


I could not resist a Mike Wazowski apple at Big Top Treats — yes, before breakfast!


After that we headed back to Cinderella Castle and caught the sunrise over Dumbo.


And breakfast!


We watched Main Street come to life!


And checked out the All-Nighter merchandise at the Emporium.


Leap got his Sully ears!


Then we headed over to Fantasyland and Rapunzel’s Tower.


While I charged my phone, Lily hunted for hidden Pascal’s.


Of course, she spotted one right away!


We walked on at Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and then headed to Splash Mountain. Lily enjoyed a Mickey Bar and looking around the Briar Patch, while Tad rode with Leap.


After a short stop for lunch at Pecos Bill’s Tall Tale Inn & Cafe, we boarded Pirates of the Caribbean. But not before parking at “Stroller Central.”


We had a very short Fastpass return time for Jungle Cruise, so we waited inside the shaded nooks between Zanzibar Trading Company and Island Supply.


And watched as treasures hunters on A Pirate’s Adventure searched for their next clue! Tad and Leap climbed the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.


By the time we boarded the Jungle Cruise, it was pretty steamy and the crowds were heavy.


So we made our way back to Main Street for the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade.


Lily loved seeing Cinderella in her carriage.


We joined the masses after the parade was over and headed back to the hotel for a swim and a nap.


But not before paying a visit to Walt and Mickey!


After our break, we spent the evening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


After park close, we thought we’d pop back over to Magic Kingdom. But as Leap mentioned in his tips for the All-Nighter, Magic Kingdom was swamped with people coming into the park at that hour. The parking lot at Ticket and Transportation Center was full, and guests were instructed to park at Epcot.


Of course, the line for the monorail to Magic Kingdom was plenty long as well, so we called it a night and headed back to the hotel. Lily and Tad were, of course, disappointed, so I promised them that we could get up extra early and head back to Magic Kingdom. I set my alarm for 3 a.m. and fully expected them to protest when I woke them up, but when I asked Lily if she still wanted to go back to Magic Kingdom, she hopped right out of bed.


By 4 a.m., the crowds were light. While there were folks heading toward the exits, there were also plenty of guests — including more families — coming in. While it would have been fun to meet Mickey and Minnie in their PJs and the wait was probably the shortest all night at 30 minutes, I knew Tad and Lily wanted to get on as many rides as they could.


We made our way down Main Street USA to the sounds of the “Chicken Dance” coming from the Up All Night Dance Party at Cinderella’s Castle and arrived just in time for the “Cha Cha Slide!”


We couldn’t resist another spin in the tea cups!


And with a five-minute wait, we couldn’t pass up a lap around Tomorrowland Speedway.


Then we walked over to New Fantasyland and met Ariel in her grotto.


With less than a half hour before closing, we took a rocket ship ride aboard Astro Orbiter.


Shared a Mickey pretzel and knocked back a few cups of Randall’s Suds!


Then it was back to Town Square for the kiss goodnight! Everyone joined in for the Mickey Mouse Club Alma Mater … “Now it’s time to say goodbye to all our company …”

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Here’s to the start of a Monstrous Summer!
— Mommy Frog




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