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Ready for Universal’s Coasters? First, You Have to Learn How to Use the Ride Lockers

by Tad on June 6, 2013 · 5 Comments · in Rides, Shows, Parades & More

How to use Universal's lockersAs we get closer and closer to the busy summer months, I thought it was a most excellent time to review how the lockers work at Universal Orlando. Unlike at the Walt Disney World Resort, where you can take your bags with you on all of the rides, Universal requires you to check your bags and all of your belongings (yup, even your phone) before you board its roller coasters at Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure. After all, these are some coasters with capital Cs!!!

The good news is that if you just need a place to stash your gear while you ride, you can use the ride lockers at the locations listed below for FREE! The “free” time is calculated using the ride’s current wait time and the actual duration of the ride (with a generous cushion). After that, each additional half hour is $3 (with a daily max of $20). (Important note: Not all lockers at Universal are free. There are rental lockers both inside and just outside both Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios that charge a fee.)

Ride lockers are located in Universal Studios at: 

Ride lockers are located in Islands of Adventure at: 

While the lockers aren’t terribly complicate, the locker kiosks can be very picky! If you find the kiosk screen is not advancing with your touch, try using your fingernail instead of your finger.

Universal locker

Universal locker

Universal locker

Universal locker

Universal locker

Lightly place your finger on the scanner. Do not press too hard, or the kiosk is not likely to accept it.

Universal locker

Be sure to remember your locker number, because you will have to enter it again when you’re done riding.

Universal locker

Once you come back to the kiosk, you’ll enter the 4-digit locker number and then again place your finger on the scanner.

If you have any problems, look for a locker attendant, who should be stationed nearby.

That’s it! Now, who’s ready for a roller coaster?

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Stay cool!

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5 Responses to “Ready for Universal’s Coasters? First, You Have to Learn How to Use the Ride Lockers”

  1. FrogBlog says:

    Anyone had trouble using the lockers? It seems like there are always locker attendants around to help people.

    – Tad

  2. Rosa says:

    I and other people around me had issue with the locker and there was only one attendant trying to help everyone. We were all very frustrated. First, we waited for 2 hours to get on the Harry Potter ride (which we expected so didn’t have any issue with the wait time) and then near the ride we are told no bags we had to put in the locker – that was fine until all the people that got off the ride are by the lockers trying to get their stuff out while we are trying to put our stuff in (very chaotic). We couldn’t find a locker, after we found one and went back in line there were a lot of people ahead of us. It seems like they should put the lockers outside the ride (even before entering the line). Believe me I wasn’t the only one complaining. It was a great ride, just seemed disorganized.

  3. Kylie says:

    This article gives an incorrect piece of info. I think the pictures are a bit mixed up. When you go to rent a locker, you press down your finger and then a locker opens up. Store your bags in the locker and take note of the locker number.
    When you come to retrieve your items, you press down that same finger and type in the 4-digit locker number. There’s no typing in of a “pin.”
    The second to last photo shows the screen when you are obtaining your items.
    Please fix this error so people who are using this article for informational purposes do not get confused.

  4. Stephanie says:

    The first time my husband and I rode Harry Potter we didnt know we had to store our stuff. It was extremely congested with the locker issue. Of course, tons of people get ahead of you if you have to step out of line. We just store all of our belongings at a locker when you enter the park. It makes things easier and you dont have to deal with taking stuff in and out of lockers.

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