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Making Every Day Magical: Remembering the Wilderness Lodge

Disney's Wilderness Lodge Totem PoleEven when we’re not at Disney World, we love finding ways to remember our times at the Happiest Place on Earth. Since it’s officially Christmas in July at the parks this week as part of Disney’s Limited Time Magic, I’ve been reminiscing with Leap about the Frog Family’s visit to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge last December.

As you know, I’ve been trying to sprinkle more pixie dust on the every day, and it’s not always easy! There are times when life just seems to get in the way. Even in the summer, when Leap and Lily have camp, play dates and other activities, I feel like I am just hop-hop-hopping from one location to the next.

But every now and then, I am able to slip in a little bit of the magic! You see, on the last day of our last trip to Disney, I made a stealth visit to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge Resort gift shop and picked up a variety of Disney candy bars and assorted candies.

Disney's Wilderness Lodge Pool

Now — please excuse my digression — but if you’ve never visited the Wilderness Lodge, it is truly an experience! The hotel itself is meant to resemble a Pacific Northwest national park lodge — and features rustic exposed pine timber and two seven-story carved totem poles. It even boasts a gurgling hot spring that emanates from the lobby and flows over Silver Creek falls and eventually down to the Silver Creek Springs Pool. Tad and Lily love that there are boulders, tunnels and even a geyser that erupts on the hour!


Nestled inside the lobby, the Wilderness Lodge Mercantile carries on the theming, with hardwood floors and an oversized stone fireplace. Inside you’ll find plenty of Disney merchandise and sundries, including T-shirts, hats, toys and all sorts of gifts. Tucked in the back, you’ll find a selection of grocery items and sweets, which takes me back to my story.


Around Christmas time, I used some of the candy bars and lollipops on gifts, tucking them into the bows of brightly colored ribbons for just a little something extra! But I did not use up all the candy. In fact, I have a good stash of it still hidden in the pantry! I’ve been saving it for one of those stressful mornings when we’re all at our wits’ ends. I tucked it into Tad and Lily’s lunch boxes for camp this morning with a photo of us all standing in front of the Silver Creek falls. I am hoping that when they open their lunch boxes and find their Mickey Mouse lollipop and photo (among their otherwise nutritional lunch offerings), they’ll find a smile on their face and remember the wonderful time we had at the Wilderness Lodge and Disney.

How do you keep the Disney magic going when you’re back at home? Share in comments below!

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Here’s to making every day magical!
– Mommy Frog

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3 Responses to “Making Every Day Magical: Remembering the Wilderness Lodge”

  1. Robert Novak says:

    I love the music there, year round… I guess 7 of my 10 visits in the past decade have involved stays at WLR. Even bought Grand Canyon Suite on open reel to be nostalgic.

    I keep the magic at home by working for Disney, and keeping my company colors on display at home and at work. I have everything from a photo snow globe with Mickey around it, to a Korean licensed Mickey and MInnie wall decal, to a lot of Imagineering shirts. :)

  2. Vickie H. says:

    WL is our favorite hotel. We love to go sit in the rocking chairs right infront of the fireplace. it is so relaxing after a long day at the parks.

  3. carrie m says:

    I make personalized scrap books for my kids to use to collect autographs. I add the photos when we get home and keep them on their bookshelves to look through whenever they want. :)

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