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7 Dishes We Can’t Wait to Try at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival

by Mommy Frog on September 9, 2013 · 2 Comments · in Crowd Calendar & When to Visit, Dining

It’s my favorite time of year at the Walt Disney World Resort, in no small part because Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is my very favorite event in all of the theme parks (with Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party a very close second). As a big-time foodie, I love that the festival allows you to sample the finest eats and drinks from around the world in one fantastic setting!

Did you know there are more than 220 food and beverage offerings at this year’s festival? That’s a lot to try, and with so many options, you might need a few days to sample everything on your must-try list.

Here are the dishes I’m most looking forward to trying at Epcot Food & Wine Festival, starting with no. 1.

Scottish Banofee Tart

1. Scottish Banoffee Tart with Bananas, Scottish Whisky Toffee, Walkers Shortbread Crumbles and Sweet Cream — Scotland. Merida’s homeland makes its debut at the festival this year with a couple of intriguing twists on traditional dishes (Scottish salmon and vegetarian haggis). My eye, of course, went straight to the dessert. This tart has just the right combination of oohey-gooey and chocolate to top my list. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

2. Orange Dole® Whip with Crème de Cacao White — Refreshment Port. I’m lumping this twist on the traditional Dole Whip as a dish since you can eat it with a spoon, even if it’s technically a dessert (or is it a drink?). No matter. I can’t wait to try it.

Brazil Crisp Pork Belly

3. Crispy Pork Belly with Black Beans, Onions, Avocado and Cilantro — Brazil. By popular demand, Brazil returns as a marketplace after last year’s absence with a brand-new menu. I don’t know about you, but I would be hard-pressed to pass up pork belly!

Shrimp Australia

4. Garlic Shrimp with Roasted Tomatoes, Lemon Myrtle and Rapini — Australia. I’ll confess now that I had no idea what rapini was until I saw it listed on the menu. I had heard of broccoli rabe, though, and that’s what it’s better known for around our neck of the Frog Pond. It looks delectable — and healthy!

5. Florida Grass Fed Beef Slider with Monterey Jack and Sweet & Hot Pickles — Florida Local. The Disney powers that be had me at grass-fed beef. Throw in cheese, and sweet and spicy pickles, and I’m a total goner.

Baklava Morocco Epcot Food & Wine

6. Baklava — Morocco. Yes, I’ve had baklava before, but not like the baklava I sampled in Morocco last year. First off, it’s a huge portion by baklava standards, and second, it’s the perfect proportion of honey, coarsely chopped pistachios and flaky phyllo dough. De-Lish!

Belgium waffle with Berry Compote

7. Belgian Waffle with Warm Chocolate Ganache and Whipped Cream — Belgium. I’m a big fan of anything that can be construed as dessert and a meal. This fits the bill. For those of you looking out for your health, there is a fruit compote option instead of the chocolate.

For those of you who are planning on attending, Epcot International Food & Wine Festival is included with admission to Epcot (although there are additional charges for some seminars and special events). Which dish has you most excited for Epcot International Food & Wine Festival?

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Bon Appétit!
– Mommy Frog

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2 Responses to “7 Dishes We Can’t Wait to Try at Epcot International Food & Wine Festival”

  1. Jarbas says:

    This avocado in the brazilian receipt is completelly exotic. With no doubt, it is something not used by us in our tradicional “feijoada”. To taste the brazilian dish, we will miss the rice and even the “torresmo” , that consists in the pork skin fried until became extremelly crispie!

  2. Darlynne says:

    You read my mind. I’ve never been to the festival, but will have the opportunity this year, and love that you’ve chosen the kinds of foods I would plow through crowds for. Thank you! I hope there’s a piece of that banoffee tart left by the time I get there.

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