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Review: DisneyQuest — A Hidden Gem at Disney World!

by FrogBlog on September 12, 2013 · 0 Comments · in Reviews
Leap’s Note: We’re very happy to reveal the winner of the August Undercover Tourist of the Month Contest is Andrea Fischer, who submitted this review of DisneyQuest after her visit in June. For the month of September, we are asking readers to submit a “Top 5″ list for the Orlando theme parks for a chance to win a $250 credit!
Wreck It!

Watch out DisneyQuest, my daughter’s gonna wreck it!

So, if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been to Disney World more than once.  You know what ADR means, which rides to grab a Fastpass for, and where to buy a Dole Whip. And that probably means you are looking for something a little different to do on your next Disney trip.

My family has made quite a habit of vacationing at Disney.  From our honeymoon forward, my husband and I have visited on a yearly basis (and sometimes twice a year). Now that our kids are older (12 and 9), we have tried branching out beyond the four theme parks for fun activities. On a trip this past June, we discovered the magic that is DisneyQuest.

First of all, DisneyQuest is not just an arcade like you’ll find at the resorts (or in your local mall).  It’s HUGE! With five levels of different “zones,” you may feel like you never see the end of the place.

I admit, I was pretty skeptical about how much fun I would have, as a 38-year-old mom who is definitely NOT a video game junkie. I was pleasantly surprised, however, by how much fun we all had! My husband was in heaven in the Retro games zone, reliving his 80s childhood playing old games and introducing our 12-year-old son to his favorites from back in the day.  My daughter, the artist, loved the Animation Class and learned how to draw Donald Duck with the help of a Disney animation instructor.  The kids and I loved the special interactive experiences, like piloting your own Astro Blaster with Buzz Lightyear and manning the cannons in a pirate battle on the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. When we all needed a time out, we retreated to the café for a little snack and recharge.

Would we go back to DisneyQuest?  Definitely! We are already looking forward to our next visit. Now that we’ve got the lay of the land, so to speak, there are a few things we’d do differently.  First of all, we were unaware of how many virtual reality experiences were offered.  My husband suffers from motion sickness and neglected to use his motion sickness patch that day. Without his patch, he was unable to experience the virtual reality attractions. Second, the virtual reality helmets can be a bit uncomfortable on the bridge of your nose.  I learned this personally after a particularly thrilling battle against aliens on Ride the Comix (ouch!).  Next time, I’ll exercise more caution and maybe bring a bit of padding or a square of gauze to protect the bridge of my nose. Third, we will definitely plan to get there earlier next time.  I figured we would only spend an hour or two there, but we easily spent three to four hours and could have stayed for more! DisneyQuest opens later than the major theme parks (usually around 11:30 a.m.), which gives you plenty of time to sleep in, enjoy a leisurely breakfast and take your time. It was the perfect “rest day” activity for our family and was an experience my kids are still talking about!

Overall Rating:  4 (out of 5) stars
Photo Caption:  Watch out DisneyQuest, my daughter’s gonna wreck it!

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