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Our Guide to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

by Mommy Frog on November 8, 2013 · 23 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff
The Guide to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Tonight marks the very first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party of the season. While Magic Kingdom® Park is always magical, it’s especially so this time of year as the Christmas decorations come out and everyone gets into the holiday spirit! The magic begins with a “snowfall” on Main Street. Tad and Lily especially lovvvveeee to stuff their bellies with the cookies and hot chocolate that are given out around the park for free.

The party is similar to, in many ways, Mickey’s Not So Very Scary Halloween Party, and thus many of the same tips apply. If you are thinking about attending the party, keep in mind that early December is generally the least busy time to attend, and the mid-weekday parties will be less crowded than those held on Friday and Sunday nights. Tonight’s party is sold out.

Here’s what you need to know about this event!

First off, this is a separate ticket from regular theme park admission, and the parties are held on select nights in November and December. We recommend you buy these tickets directly from Disney World. While you can buy tickets at the gate, the parties do sell out, as is the case tonight.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

The party doesn’t officially start until 7 p.m. (and runs through 12 a.m.), but you can get into the park starting at 4 p.m. with your Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ticket. We recommend doing this, as you will find fewer crowds waiting to get in than if you wait until later in the evening AND this will you give you more time to ride a few rides and have an early dinner. Starting today, the Jungle Cruise becomes the Jingle Cruise for the holidays, with the skippers sharing plenty of holiday cheer — and laughs. Most of the attractions do stay open throughout the party, but since there are so many wondrous happenings that you don’t normally see at Magic Kingdom, we try to ride as many rides as we can before the party starts.

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

Because these parties can get very crowded and are packed with special activities, including meet-and-greets with rare characters (some in fancy holiday attire), we recommend that you have a plan before you go and start by identifying your family’s not-to-miss activities and then fill in the gaps when you get to the park with some unexpected surprises. There are more fun things to see and do than a typical family could probably accomplish in one night, so set your expectations in advance!

Character greetings

Santa Claus

The most in-demand characters include Santa Claus, who will be on Town Square on Main Street, the Seven Dwarfs who are expected to take up camp at entrance to New Fantasyland near Pinocchio Village Haus, and the princesses with their princes. Do note that characters don’t come out until their special locations until the party officially starts, but you can (and should) get in line early for the most in-demand characters.

Since you cannot use Fastpasses (or Fastpass+ for those of you resort guests testing MyMagic+), it’s most crucial to make a plan if you want to meet the most in-demand characters.

A note about the princesses: They have now moved from Town Square Theater to Princess Fairytale Hall in New Fantasyland. Near 7 p.m., cast members will create a second line just for party guests (yes, you will have to show your party wristband) so they can line up early to meet the princes with the princesses. Verify with the cast member that you are in the correct line.

Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade

Once Upon a Christmastime Parade

One of the big highlights of the night is Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade, which runs twice each evening of Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, once at 8:15 p.m. then again at 10:30 p.m. This is your chance to catch dancing gingerbread men and reindeer, and the big man himself — Santa — aboard his sleigh, along with plenty of your favorite Disney characters

The parade steps off in Frontierland® Area, follows the waterway until it reaches Liberty Square, crosses the Liberty Square Bridge, circles Central Plaza in front of Cinderella Castle, heads down Main Street, U.S.A.®, circles Town Square in front of the Walt Disney World Railroad Station and ends next to Harmony Barbershop.

We like to watch the parade in front of Cinderella Castle facing the bridge from Liberty Square, but just know that if you want to watch the first parade from this location, you’ll need to get a spot at least 30 minutes in advance. You’ll be able to watch the “Celebrate the Season” Castle Stage Show while you wait, and you can catch the fireworks from the same spot afterwards.

The second show is always much less crowded if you’re OK with the kiddos staying up so late.

Here are a few of the other big events:

“Holiday Wishes – Celebrate the Spirit of the Season” Fireworks

Glow with the Show Ears

Jiminy Cricket narrates this amazing Disney fireworks show, which begins at 9:30 p.m. We like the spot in the middle of Main Street U.S.A. next to Casey’s Corner, but the show can be seen all around the park. For the first time in Magic Kingdom history, guests can wear light up “Glow With the Show” ear hats in sync with the show during this year’s “Holiday Wishes!”

“Celebrate the Magic” 

Cinderella Castle Icicles

The castle becomes a swirl of lights and colors as it takes on other forms in this projection show that blends clips from Disney film favorites — making it one of the Frog Family’s must-sees! The show will get a dusting of seasonal fairy magic for the holidays and guests will be able to wear their Glow Ears.

“Celebrate the Season” Show

Mickey presents Minnie with her present with a little help from Goofy, Donald and the gang in this twist on The Nutcracker, which takes place on the Castle Forecourt Stage at 7:45, 10:05 and 11:20 p.m.

“A Totally Tomorrowland® Area Christmas” Show

A Totally Tomorrowland® Area Christmas” takes place on the Rockettower Plaza Stage in Tomorrowland® Area at 7:45, 8:45, 9:55, 10:50 and 11:45 p.m. and features Buzz Lightyear, Mike Wazowski and Stitch in this musical review. Tad and Lily especially love this show as it’s suited for the younger audience and even has a kids-only area at the front of the stage. With five performances, this is one that you can fit in as you have time.

For us, we love all the holiday hoopla surrounding Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and savor our time (and the cocoa!) at this annual event. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the party, and especially for those of you have never attended, we’d love to answer any questions you have about it!

Hoppy holidays!
— Mommy Frog

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23 Responses to “Our Guide to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party”

  1. Cathy says:

    Do you think it is worth it to go to the Tomorrowland Dessert Party on a Christmas party night? So many things that we might miss if we are sitting at the terrace, but I know that is a special experience as well. Keep in mind we have been to the parks many times & children are 6 & 8yrs old. We just don’t want to miss the “party experience” to be at the better placement for fireworks – but it’s a 50/50 toss up at this point. Maybe the Dessert party will just enhance the night, or will it really just prevent us from the parades, special shows, etc. Thank you!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Cathy,

      I wouldn’t schedule it for that night just because of all the other special things happening around the park. Plus you probably want to savor the prime view from Tomorrowland Terrace and spend plenty of time filling up on dessert!

      This is definitely one you want to try and book 180 days in advance as reservations do fill up fast. Reservations can always get canceled, of course, but the Disney Dining agent I spoke with had no availability for the dessert party on any of the MVMCP dates this year.

      – Mommy Frog

  2. Mary Ann says:

    Are the “glow with the show Mickey ear hats” included with our mvmcp tickets? Or is there an extra cost to get them, and if so how much? Thank you!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hey there Mary Ann,

      The ears are not included with admission to the party and are $25.

      – Mommy Frog

  3. Linda Jones says:

    Has the 4:00 entry time changed this year … or is it only available to those who have a park ticket? I know my son was able to get in at 4 pm last year using only his MVMCP ticket. (He did not have a regular park ticket). But when I contacted Disney World this week, here is what I heard back today (11/9/2013). (It sounds like only those who are already in the park or who are using a regular park ticket can actually be allowed entry at 4 pm):

    Unless you have a multi-day Magic Your Way® ticket or a 1 day Magic Your
    Way® Magic Kingdom® Park ticket you cannot enter Magic Kingdom® Park
    before 7pm. The Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ticket is valid
    from 7pm to midnight.

    If you are in the park earlier in the day, at 4pm you can go to a Party
    kiosk with your Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party ticket to receive
    your wristband to be able to stay in the park after 7pm.

  4. Alanna Simms says:

    This is our first time going to Disney at Christmas time. Is there the usual evening parade and fireworks shows ? Or are these only available to Christmas party guests? Thanks.

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Alanna,

      Starting Dec. 21-Jan. 4, you can catch the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade and Holiday Wishes fireworks show in Magic Kingdom.

      – Mommy Frog

  5. Jennifer says:

    I just booked the Dessert Party for a MVMCP night. They still had availability in December as of Sunday. I figured we’d be tired by then and ready for a rest anyway and last time Main Street was RIDIC during the fireworks. My kids are 8 & 9, I think we’ll quite enjoy it. I was torn, though, after spending so much on the tickets did I want to spend another $90 on dessert? Ultimately I decided for comfort and a great view for the fireworks. Hope you have fun!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Jennifer,

      Glad to hear it. There are always the possibility of cancelations, so it pays to check in the days leading up to a trip!

      – Mommy Frog

  6. Kim says:

    Are all of the activities listed in this blog only available to party ticket holders? Can any of these items be enjoyed with just our MYW tickets? Is is possible to buy tickets the day of? I am guessing that most nights would be sold out early.

    Thank you for your help,
    first time visitors

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi there, Kim,

      Starting Dec. 21-Jan. 4, you can catch the Once Upon a Christmastime Parade and Holiday Wishes fireworks show in Magic Kingdom. These are the only elements of the party that are available with MYW tickets, and yes, you can buy your tickets the day of the party, but they do sell out.

      – Mommy Frog

  7. Carmen says:

    Hi there! Its been a long time since we’ve visited MK and this will be our first MVMCP. Will teenagers enjoy this too or is it aimed at young kids? Also can these tickets be purchased at outside vendors at a lower price or is it strictly sold thru Disney?

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hey Carmen,

      It would be hard not to enjoy this party no matter your age! Younger children are probably more into meeting the characters, but teens will enjoy the experience as well. You can only buy through Disney for this party.

      –Mommy Frog

  8. Kathryn says:

    We will be at Disney next week- staying on site. Is the $62 extra really worth it? We have 6 in the party.
    The kids are 11,9, and 6. I am wondering if they will stay up that late….or if I can get them up the next morning.

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Kathryn,

      I think it really depends on you and your family. If this is your first trip to Magic Kingdom, then you might be disappointed because there is so much to do and see on top of the regular attractions and experiences, and you probably won’t get to do all of it. If you get to the park at 4, then you would still have a lot of touring time, even if you left a little bit early because of the kids.

      Mommy Frog

  9. Kathy P. says:

    Hi! My son is allergic to nuts. Is there any way to find out if the cookies and cocoa are safe for him–not made in a facility where nuts are handled? Thanks!

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Kathy,

      Disney World makes some accommodations for people with food allergies, and I think your best bet would be to send an email to Special.Diets@DisneyWorld.com to ask ahead of your trip. Sometimes, they offer an allergy-free alternative to those with special diets.

      Let us know what you find out.
      – Mommy Frog

  10. Sarah says:

    Is there any way to make a reasonable guess as to what nights the xmas party will be on in November? We are coming on Nov. 10th for a week, but we want to plan dining, etc at different parks.

    • FrogBlog says:

      Hi Sarah,

      This could change, but based on last year’s dates, we would expect this year’s party to fall on Monday, Thursday and Friday.

      Mommy Frog

  11. Fifis Mama says:

    We are going on a Disney Cruise that’s leaving the 29th of November and returning that following Saturday. Do you have any guesstimate on when the Mickey Christmas Party might be? Specifically between Nov. 27 and Dec 7. Thanks.

    • FrogBlog says:


      There is a very good chance, the party will be held on Dec. 5 and 6.

      Mommy Frog

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