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Disney Craft: Mickey Countdown ‘Til Disney Ornament

by Crafty Staci on December 3, 2013 · 3 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

There’s no denying that Christmas is magical. But add a little Disney and it will bring out the kid in just about anyone. Since we have a Disney trip coming up next year, I decided it was only right to give it a nod as part of our holiday festivities. This ornament would also be a great way to count down to Christmas for all your little (and big!) Disney fans.

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

To make this ornament, you’ll need one wide-mouth ring and lid, two regular-mouth rings and lids, black paint that’s safe for metal (spray or brush on), black chalkboard paint, ribbon and a glue gun. This is a great way to recycle old canning lids. If you’re not using mason jars yourself, odds are pretty good that someone will gift you some, filled with some homemade goodness.

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Paint the rings with the metal paint on all sides. Paint the top of the lids with the chalkboard paint. If your ornament will hang where the back will show, you may want to paint the other side of the lids as well.

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Cut 18″ of ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half over the edge of the large ring. Hold it in place while you complete the next step. You could also use baker’s twine, yarn or other cord, just make sure it fits between the ring and lid.

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Turn the large ring so it’s top down, as shown above. Run a bead of hot glue inside the edge. Insert the large lid with the chalkboard side down.

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Do the same with the small rings, except insert the lids with the chalkboard side up.

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Make sure each piece is turned so it has the chalkboard side facing up, then glue the small rings to the large one on either side of the ribbon. Use a generous amount of glue and hold in place until the glue has cooled enough to hold.

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Tie the ribbon.

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Write something fun on your chalkboards, like how many days are left until your next Disney trip, and Mickey is ready to hang on your tree!

Mickey Mason Jar Lid Ornament

Who’s counting down until their next Disney vacation?

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3 Responses to “Disney Craft: Mickey Countdown ‘Til Disney Ornament”

  1. FrogBlog says:

    Such a cute craft! Looks like I’ve found the perfect craft to countdown ’til our next trip to the parks.

    – Mommy Frog

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