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Best Time to Visit Disney World in 2014

by Leap on February 20, 2014 · 12 Comments · in Crowd Calendar & When to Visit

Before we get the new year too far behind us, we wanted to take a moment to discuss one of the biggest vacation-planning topics there is — the best time to visit Disney World in 2014!

best time to visit Disney World in 2014

Now, in our book, it’s always a good time to visit the Walt Disney World Resort. We’ve been to visit in every season and have found we could manage crowds just fine — by following solid touring advice — getting to the park at opening, taking breaks in the afternoon when the parks are busiest and making use of wait-time apps. Now guests can follow our FastPass+ tips as another means of skipping the lines. Believe it or not, if you take our advice, you will find crowds are quite manageable whether its the middle of September or the middle of July.

Best time to visit Disney World in 2014 - Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party

Still, we know there are very good times — maybe even the best times — to visit Disney World in 2014 and less good times to visit. When planning the best time to visit Disney World in 2014, assuming your schedule is fairly flexible, we recommend you start with the crowd calendar. The weekly and daily crowd levels for the whole year are right there for you to see, along with individual park recommendations.

So what’s the best time to visit Disney World in 2014? If we’re going purely from the predicted crowd levels, the very best months to visit Disney World in 2014 are …

  • September
  • October
  • November

The very worst months to visit Disney World in 2014 are …

  • June
  • July
  • August

Still that doesn’t provide all that much information, because one of the best months (November) also has one of the historically highest crowd levels of the entire year (the week of Thanksgiving). This is also not taking into consideration all of the special events happening during those visits, which are also listed on the crowd calendar.

Best time to visit Disney World in 2014 - Cinderella Castle

The best week of the year to visit Disney World in 2014 is …

September 7-13

The worst week of the year to visit Disney World in 2014 is …

December 21-27

Understandably, most of you with families will be visiting during June and July, when the daily crowd levels never fall below a 7 out of 10. At this point, you may be starting to despair, but this is where it becomes more important to choose the right park for your visit. Indeed when the crowd levels are basically flat the entire week, which park you visit on any given day becomes more important. We generally recommend skipping the park that hosts the Extra Magic Hour/s, since it elevates the crowd level the entire day (as opposed to just the EMH). During the busiest weeks of the year, that may be unavoidable. Lucky for you, our crowd calendar already does that.


Best time to visit Disney World in 2014 - Welcome Show

I want to take a moment to look at the holidays, because for families of school-age children these are smaller windows of opportunity for taking vacations to Disney World. Hence, the holidays are generally the worst times to visit the parks from a crowd perspective. There are a handful of national holidays, however, that have a less pronounced impact on crowds (although they do still see an increase). These are …

Jan. 20 – Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Sept. 1 – Labor Day

Oct. 13 – Columbus Day

Well, there you have it. These are the best times to visit Disney World in 2014. Remember, you’ll find more information on deciding When to Visit inside our Planning Pages.

When will you be visiting? What factors did you consider in determining when to visit? Share in comments below. 

Hoppy Disney planning!

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12 Responses to “Best Time to Visit Disney World in 2014”

  1. Akajako says:

    Oh Man….my WDW vacation is book for September 14 – 24….

  2. Beth says:

    Planning on going the first week of September. We know its around Labor Day but hoping it will be very lean compared to the rest of the year.

  3. Mary says:

    We used to go early September and it was great. This year we are limited to our dates so for the first time we are going in March for Spring Break. I am already having anxiety about it!

  4. Katie says:

    Just did Jan 19-24 2014! It was great! We saw an influx of people Mon-Tues for those that had done a long weekend with the MLK holiday. But otherwise it wasn’t crazy! We followed tips from here and we were able to get around pretty good and didn’t wait long for much of anything. Saw lots of characters too!

  5. beth says:

    We are going 1st week of May, we did the same week last year and even though it was rainy we had NO WAIT in lines at the Magic Kingdom we literally got off space mountain and walked around and got back on! it was great!

  6. Kristin says:

    I have to say Although Christmas is THE WORST for Crowds….ITs truly a magical time of year. Really makes you remember all thats special about Christmas….FAMILY! I also cant believe how absolutely amazing the decorations are.

  7. Kim McQueen says:

    We went over the week of thanksgiving 2013 and the crowds were fairly large but with fast pass and spending two days at magic kingdom and Epcot, we had a great time with very little waiting. Pace yourself and do the early in-ready in the middle and stay late plan and it will be very enjoyable for you. Can’t wait to go back!

  8. Steph D says:

    We’ve been in or around the end of April the last two years and are heading back in a few months, and each time we can’t believe how quiet the parks are at that time. Avoid the Easter weeks and you’ll be in great shape. Both in Disney and Universal parks, we barely had any line-ups anywhere, and most of the ‘line-up’ time was spent walking through empty rope paths to finally get to the front!

  9. Patricia Lynch says:

    We have gone the first week of May several years now and I feel it is the best time. Weather is warm to hot but not yet humid, and the crowds are quite low. Second favorite time to go is mid-late October. I would love to go in January or February but Splash Mountain is usually down for maintenance then and there is NO way I will go without getting my Splash Mountain fix!

  10. Daryl says:

    We used you guys last year to plan our trip. We went the week after labor day and it was fantastic! This year we are planning on going Sept 7th-13th! So far our planning is perfect!

  11. Danny says:

    I’ve been to WDW about a million times and found that the first and second weeks of September and December were the best for crowds but December is extra special because the parks are decorated for the holidays.

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