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Ready for Universal’s Coasters? First, You Have to Learn How to Use the Ride Lockers

by Tad on June 6, 2013 · 5 Comments · in Rides, Shows, Parades & More

As we get closer and closer to the busy summer months, I thought it was a most excellent time to review how the lockers work at Universal Orlando. Unlike at the Walt Disney World Resort, where you can take your bags with you on all of the rides, Universal requires you to check your bags [...]

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Top 5 Things We’re Most Looking Forward to at Antarctica

As you might imagine, we’ve had a ton of fun preparing for SeaWorld Week here at the Frog Pond, and we’re super excited about finally getting to experience Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin at its grand opening! I have hardly been able to contain myself and have been counting the days until our trip, so [...]

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Universal Announces Transformers Grand Opening June 20

After months of anticipation — and possibly the shortest ride construction in Orlando theme park history — Universal has announced the grand opening of Transformers: The Ride-3D on June 20. This flight simulation attraction is expected to be a near clone of the Tranformers rides at Universal’s theme parks in Singapore and Hollywood in which Megatron [...]

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Making Every Day Magical: What Is Your Dream Disney Job?

by Tad on April 9, 2013 · 6 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

Mommy Frog usually likes to write the Making Every Day Magical posts, but this time it’s my turn! One of my favorite things to do when I’m not at the Walt Disney World Resort is to reminisce about all the fun I had while I was there. Maybe that’s why I spend so much time on [...]

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A Kid’s-Eye View of Epcot Flower & Garden Festival (Video + Tips)

Epcot®’s International Flower & Garden Festival is one of Mommy Frog’s very favorite events. She loves looking at the topiaries and all the pretty flowers. Plus, she gets more ideas for decorating our pond. So I knew it wouldn’t take that much convincing to get her to agree to “hop” over to Orlando for a [...]

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