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Frog Family Trip to the Theme Parks: Tips From You!

by Mommy Frog on May 13, 2011 · 0 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

Hello everyone! Thank you so much to our Facebook and Twitter community for your helpful tips and suggestions for our upcoming trip to the parks. (Which begins in ONE DAY, but who’s counting!?!) I’ve taken your advice and incorporated it into our planning and scheduling for the Frog Family. Now, we wanted to share with [...]

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Epcot…Not Just for Grown-Ups

by Tad on April 27, 2011 · 0 Comments · in Family Travel, Rides, Shows, Parades & More

I sometimes hear people say things like “Epcot is for adults” or “Kids won’t have much fun at Epcot.” Speaking as a tadpole, I completely disagree; Epcot is one of my favorite parks in the world! Here’s why I love it so much…and why your kiddos might, too! 1. Test Track… I love EVERYTHING about [...]

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Frog Family’s All-time Biggest Meltdown Moments

by Mommy Frog on April 19, 2011 · 3 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

I had to chuckle as I wrote this one; these meltdowns seemed like such a big deal at the time! Now they’re wonderfully hilarious memories that I’m sure aren’t experiences of only the Frog Family, am I right? Read on… Meltdown #1… “My ice cream is all over me! I’m gonna die!” Translation: Lily’s Mickey [...]

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Top 10 Signs You’re a “Disney Dad”

by Leap on April 13, 2011 · 1 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

1. You already have or are considering taking a second job to pay for your recurring Disney vacations. 2. You have permanent indentations on the tops of your shoulders from carrying a 20 pound backpack even though your personal belongings only weigh ½ a pound. 3. You have the designated title of “Spot Saver.” 4. [...]

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The Frog Family’s Trip to Disney…By the Numbers, By Mommy Frog

by Mommy Frog on February 8, 2011 · 0 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

There are so many immeasurable aspects of a trip to Disney like that odd sense of peace that comes over us when we enter the Magic Kingdom or the looks on Tad and Lily’s faces when they meet their favorite characters. However, there are some things I can calculate and here’s how our most recent [...]

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