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Top 10 “DON’Ts” for Getting Lost at the Theme Parks

by Lily on November 21, 2011 · 1 Comments · in Family Travel

Thousands of people, an unfamiliar place and sensory overload are a perfect combination for getting lost at a theme park. Share these theme park safety “DON’T DOs” with your family so we kiddos never have to yell, “My parents are missing! My parents are missing!” 1. DON’T: Dress everyone in something different. On any given [...]

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Broken Sunglasses, Times Guides, and 8 Other Items Commonly Found at The Bottom of A Theme Park Backpack

by Leap on October 17, 2011 · 0 Comments · in Disney Crafts & Fun Stuff

The Frog Family was getting ready for our fall trips to Disney so I thought I better get out my trusty theme park backpack. It’s a good backpack; kind of like an old friend. (The darn thing’s been to Disney more times than my kids!) So it shames me to say that I never cleaned [...]

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Safety Strategies: Lily’s Lessons, Vol. 1

by Lily on October 4, 2010 · 5 Comments · in Family Travel

A few years ago when I still a teeny Frog, I didn’t have to worry about safety stuff on family vacations. I was still young enough to cruise around in my stroller. Mommy always kept me buckled in unless I was on a ride or eating lunch so I wouldn’t hop away. But those days [...]

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